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June 10, 2008


Doug Fleener

Thanks Stephen for highlighting our list of 50 ways to improve the customer experience. I couldn’t agree more that there is a shortage of concrete ideas on how to execute a great customer experience.

I think one of the reasons is so many people look at the customer experience as more aspirational than reality. The fact is that a customer has some kind of an experience engaging with a company whether you focus on it or not.

That’s why our approach to the customer experience is broader than most companies. We define the customer experience as the perceptions, emotions, actions and reactions a customer has while interacting with a retailer’s environment, products, and employees. So to ensure a memorable customer experience companies need to teach frontline employees how to manage those perceptions, emotions, actions, and reactions.

It’s also why companies need to measure how well they are managing those factors. I see a lot of companies confuse what they aspire to do and what their frontline employees do on a regular basis. The only way to determine the true experience is to do what you do, ask the customer and the employees!

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